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Quinn & Associates have been selling accounting practices for almost 40 years and have been a dominant player in this sector throughout Australia. We have established a sound reputation and our strength of expertise in the marketplace is widely known.

If you are contemplating selling your practice to either retire or to move on to another chapter in your career, we can answer all of your questions about the prices being achieved, handover periods, your staff and premises.

We know the state of the market and have a ready pool of purchasers and/or know who to approach as a potential purchaser for your particular practice. Overall our focus is on finding the right purchaser who will be a good fit with your clients and your staff.

We handle all of the negotiations, terms and conditions of sale, due diligence, finance approvals and proactively manage the project through to completion. We put in the hours so that you don't have to and can instead focus on running your practice. We can execute a sale within 3 months in a major city and usually within 6 months in a smaller town.

If you are contemplating the acquisition of a practice for the first time, we have the expertise to advise and guide you. We want every acquisition to be successful and try to ensure that we find the right practice for your purposes. We particularly go out of our way to assist first time purchasers. Maybe that is why we have continued to be successful for almost 40 years.

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Businesses For Sale - Quinn & Associates

This agency is currently listing 20 businesses for sale on Practice4Sale.

Qld Fraser Coast $1.7M

Rare opportunity to acquire a leading practice in the Fraser Coast region. Good team of capable staff and strong client base.

Adelaide CBD $445K

Rare CBD tuck-in of $445K in fees with clients through to $30;000 in fee size. Vendor will stay on part-time to assist.

Geelong suburbs $360K

Good team of staff, good premises and clients growing their businesses. Opportunity to take this practice to the next level

Western Darling Downs $385K

Efficient well run practice in a prime position for further growth. Mix of Primary Producers, Business clients and a small portion of smaller fees.

NSW South Coast - Nowra $360K

The complete package - 2 staff members, good premises and a well established client base. Mainly business clients from $1K - $15K.

Melbourne Inner North $1.8M

Quality practice with sizeable clients and young minor equity partners staying on. Must take a lease on the premises. Well suited to become a branch office for a larger firm.

Brisbane Northside $390K

Well established practice in quality mid-range suburban area of Brisbane Northside. Clients range from Individuals to SMEs with fees to $12,000 in size plus one larger client above $40,000 in size. Tax Compliance and some SMSFs. Vendor is selling to retire but there are 2 solid part-time Accountants with a strong depth of experience.

Warwick $600K

Well established practice with a strong client base of Businesses and Primary Producers. Most clients have a solid tenure with the practice and in many cases the next generation in the family has also come into the business.A well run practice with solid charge rates and good profits. Attractive premises with good parking and room for expansion.

Western Darling Downs $1.7M

Major Primary Production accounting practice which has been established for many years. Handles the full range of business clients found in a rural area as well as a large base of primary producers. Has a number of large clients in the $20K - $60K range. Would be an excellent branch operation for a larger firm.

South-West Qld $900K

Strong Primary Production accounting practice which has been established in this area for many years. Most of the clients involve long standing family groups that have been dealing with this practice for generations. This also applies to the Business clients.

Canberra $1.3M Bookkeeping practice

Very attractive opportunity to purchase a thriving and modern Bookkeeping practice in Canberra. Operating on modern cloud based systems with a solid team of experienced staff and located in modern commercial premises.

Vic North East $396K

This well established practice of 17 years moved to operating remotely but services clients with scheduled face to face meetings in Regional North-East Victoria. The staff live locally but work from home. The client base is strictly business and agri business clients only and all systems are cloud based.

Cairns $760K

Quality long established Cairns practice with a focus on Business clients through to $40K in fees. Cloud based systems. The practice is located in good commercial premises which can be taken over OR it could be moved elsewhere in Cairns.

Gold Coast $2M Audit & Tax practice

Well established practice with a strong Audit division as well as a strong Tax Bus Services division. Good premises and a solid team of staff.

Melbourne inner South East $950K

Opportunity to take over a quality Business client base of large clients where younger generation is taking over the family business. Vendor looking to retire. Staff have good tenure with the practice. Premises available for lease.

Newcastle - merger opportunity

Successful practitioner with a quality practice of $800K of Business clients is seeking an individual Practitioner with a business client fee base to join forces and merge their practices. The new equity Partner will take over the Tax Compliance work while the existing Partner focusses on Business Advisory work.

Bundaberg $900K large business/agri business clients

Quality accounting practice in a major primary production region. Business clients and sizeable primary production clients make up 84% of this fee base.

Toowoomba $2M+

Top quality practice with a focus on business clients in the $10K-$40K fee bracket. Has been at the forefront of cloud based systems for years and has a well structured team of capable staff.

South Burnett region $800K

Quality regional Accounting practice with business and agri business clients through to $25K in fee size. Could be well suited as a branch office for a larger firm. Staff are all stable local residents

Victoria - Central Region $230K

Opportunity to have a rural lifestyle in this attractive small town only 90mins from Melbourne and with good access to the ski fields. The town is expanding with new housing estates to cope with the influx of people relocating to the regional areas. The clients are a mix of primary producers, businesses and individuals.