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Quinn & Associates have been selling accounting practices for almost 40 years and have been a dominant player in this sector throughout Australia. We have established a sound reputation and our strength of expertise in the marketplace is widely known.

If you are contemplating selling your practice to either retire or to move on to another chapter in your career, we can answer all of your questions about the prices being achieved, handover periods, your staff and premises.

We know the state of the market and have a ready pool of purchasers and/or know who to approach as a potential purchaser for your particular practice. Overall our focus is on finding the right purchaser who will be a good fit with your clients and your staff.

We handle all of the negotiations, terms and conditions of sale, due diligence, finance approvals and proactively manage the project through to completion. We put in the hours so that you don't have to and can instead focus on running your practice. We can execute a sale within 3 months in a major city and usually within 6 months in a smaller town.

If you are contemplating the acquisition of a practice for the first time, we have the expertise to advise and guide you. We want every acquisition to be successful and try to ensure that we find the right practice for your purposes. We particularly go out of our way to assist first time purchasers. Maybe that is why we have continued to be successful for almost 40 years.

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Businesses For Sale - Quinn & Associates

This agency is currently listing 18 businesses for sale on Practice4Sale.

Shepparton $800K

Long established practice with a solid spread of business and farming clients through to $15K in fees as well as individuals. Vendor selling to retire

Brisbane CBD fringe - equity share

Opportunity for Accountant with 15+yrs experience to enter Partnership or to merge in their practice with with well established $2M fee practice handling fees up to $30K+. Modern systems and cloud based. Solid profitable operation.

Bundaberg equity partnership

Opportunity for a Tax Accountant with 15yrs+ experience to enter equity partnership or merge in their practice with a well established Bundaberg firm with close to $1M in fees. Join a progressive partner who is in the process of moving the practice to the cloud and is modernising all its processes.

Ballarat $1.3M

Great opportunity to have a branch office in Ballarat. Well run practice with a good team of qualified staff, good sized clients and quality premises.

Shepparton Vic $345K

Quality Accounting practice with less than 200 clients overall. More than 50% of the fees are between $5K - $20K and there are minimal fees below $1K in size. Excellent potential to grow this practice

Coffs Harbour - Grafton region $350K

Well established small Accounting practice with good potential for growth. Attractive premises in a good location with ease of parking. 2 capable staff members who know the clients well.

Port Macquarie $490K

Here's your opportunity for a Port Macquarie lifestyle change! Small practice in a prime location for attracting new clients and with a solid team of staff. Good spread of clients through to $10,000 in fees.

Gosford area $400K

Well established practice with clients predominantly in the 30ies - 50ies age group. Good spread of Individuals and Small Business clients through to $6,000 in fee size.

Qld Agri Business practice $3M+

Quality agri business practice in the southern regions of Qld with clients through to $60K and excellent profitability. Purchaser will need to be able to transfer one of their Partners to the practice. The Vendors will stay on part-time for 2yrs to assist.

Gold Coast $560K

Well established central Gold Coast practice with clients through to $10K in size. Vendor selling to retire

Northern Territory $330K Fees

Quality practice with a good spread of solid Business clients through to $17K in fees.

Adelaide $415K

Well established Accounting practice in the outer Northern suburbs with a strong spread of clients through to $14K in fee size and a number of SMSFs. The staff have solid tenure and premises are good for an expanding practice.

Victoria - Alpine Region $480K

Well established accounting practice with $480K in fees located in a high growth area with strong tourism and primary production. Good premises and staff structure.

Canberra $2.7M

With 11,000 small clients this practice should appeal to a Financial Planning business. 2 of the practitioners can continue with the purchaser

Townsville $300K fees

Long established practice in a thriving suburban location. Practitioner could assist purchaser for 12mths

Port Macquarie $1.1M

Quality practice with clients through to $40K in fees. Good spread of business clients with SMSFs

Victoria - Alpine region $250K

Here's your chance to live the alpine lifestyle in an attractive rural town close to the ski slopes and other recreational pursuits.

Hervey Bay - Maryborough $365K fees

Enjoy the Wide Bay/Fraser Coast lifestyle with housing prices at reasonable levels. Well established practice of $365K with strong business clients base.